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Products and services are sold by MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) as an agent for airline and wholesale companies and other suppliers providing services, including accommodation and transportation services. MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in). is not a provider of such services and has no responsibility for services provided or not provided by any party.

We make no warranty or representation regarding the standard or availability of any service or product to be supplied nor for the availability of any promotions, airfares or specific holiday products.

All travel documents are issued subject to the tariffs and terms and conditions of sale of suppliers and these terms. They are issued by us as agent only.

By providing your credit card details and accepting our Terms & Conditions, you authorize MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) to arrange for funds to be debited from your nominated credit card, in accordance with the terms & conditions of the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement as amended from time to time. Your bank or credit card provider may apply currency conversion fees. Credit Cards are required to secure bookings if you are travelling within 14 days.

Both parties agrees to all terms and conditions narrated in this agreement.

MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) offers a secure server for your credit card payments. Alternatively, you can fax through your credit card details to us, send a cheque or make a direct deposit.

Payments/Top Ups/ Paid for Order: Please note that any transaction done through any Online Payment by our registered agents or walking customer comes to an agent. In case of Walk-in customer swiping the card for a booking or Wallet update, Card holder is fully responsible for it and if any dispute/Chargeback raised will be taken care by us for registered agent.

Wallet Update: If any transaction through any online payment mode and payment get success however booking fails than that transaction amount (Excluding Payment gateway charges) will be credited to MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) Agent ID wallet. In-case of processing refund, based on standing instruction from the MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) Agent it will be refunded through respective payment mode used while transaction.

Payment Gateway Fees: Please note that any payment Gateway fee will be applied automatically to the online payment option. Payment gateway charges will be Non-refundable in any circumstances.

Credit Card Chargeback Fees: Any fees charged to MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) by our credit card payment provider arising from a chargeback or a disputed charge on the cardholder's credit card will be charged to the cardholder or registered agency. his fee is non-refundable.

Cancellation with in 12 Hours of Scheduled Departure Time must be cancelled with the Airline directly, MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) will not be liable in any way if the passenger is No Show.

All Bookings cancelled may attract charges levied by airlines.

Cancellations must be in the form of Amendment on the portal.

If a credit has been approved it is valid for 6 months from the date the cancellation was made.

Flights booked on this website are governed by the terms and conditions of the airfare you purchased and are determined by the Airline (not MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in)).

Cancellation policies are applicable as per product(Flights /Hotels/Visa/Transfers/Packages)

All refund requests must be in writing, and made direct to us or through the Agent from whom the travel arrangements were purchased. Claims must be made prior to departure time. Refunds will not be made for bookings cancelled due to inclement weather or illness. These must be claimed through your travel Insurance. No refunds will be made for services once travel arrangements have commenced. No guarantee is provided or warranted that any refund will be available. if payment done twice for one transaction, the one transaction amount will be refunded as Deposit in MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) Account within 07 to 10 working days

MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) will use your personal information to send you communications related to transactions, bookings, promotions, offers, surveys, new products or services etc. using emails, text messages, instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, etc., calls, IVR etc.

The travel products and services sold through MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) are subject to availability and can be withdrawn without notice.

The travel products and services sold through MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) are subject to availability and can be withdrawn without notice.

It is essential that you enter details of each traveller correctly and according to passport or other identification. Some suppliers will deny carriage if the traveller's name varies from your booking and may cancel automatically if the traveller's name is amended.

MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from incorrect entry of traveller's name nor for any inability to travel as a result of carrier's policies.

The terms displayed on this Website apply generally to all the travel products and packages sold by MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) Most travel products and services also have additional conditions applying to them because airlines, hotels, wholesalers and other travel suppliers have various other terms and conditions relating to the purchase of these goods and services, which may or may not be displayed.

For example, suppliers often limit or exclude liability in respect of death, personal injury, delay and loss or damage to baggage, however we do not have those conditions to display on this Website.

It is your responsibility to contact the relevant travel supplier directly to obtain all applicable terms and conditions before making a booking through MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) There are numerous terms and conditions established by travel suppliers or other third parties affecting most advance purchase and other discounted travel products and services, which involve substantial cancellation or amendment fees, and in some instances there are no refunds whatsoever on cancelled holidays and/or air tickets and other products and services should you need to amend or cancel your travel plans.

If you have any queries regarding these fees please do not hesitate to contact our office. You must read the terms and conditions applicable to every travel product and service & ensure that you accept them before you make a booking.

If the terms and conditions are not displayed you should contact our office. Once you confirm a booking and make payment you are bound by the terms and conditions established by the relevant travel supplier.

Some of the information displayed on the website is provided to MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) by third party suppliers such as hotels, transportation providers and airlines etc. MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) takes reasonable care to ensure the information supplied and displayed on the Website is accurate. MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) cannot confirm and does not provide any warranty in relation to the accuracy of this information and is not responsible for information on the Website that is supplied to MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) by third parties.

This Website contains links to other websites, which are hosted and maintained by third parties. MONA TOUR & TRAVELS(monatours.in) is not responsible for and makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy, completeness or relevance of the information contained on such third party sites.

You follow links to such sites at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any loss or damage rising from your reliance upon or use of third party sites

In the event of material alterations by a supplier to a proposed tour booked by you, you may be given the option of cancelling the tour without penalty, but this is not guaranteed. The right to cancel is subject to the terms and conditions of the supplier.

Your acceptance of any tickets, coupons, exchange orders, vouchers and receipts will be deemed acceptance of the above conditions and of any alterations made to your tour.

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