Frequently Asked Questions!

Q:What should we do if issue didn't handel properly by Support/Accounts team ?

A: Feel free to contact at: 011 40750000, +91 7669988901 & email us at: info@monatours.in

Q:What is the Payment Gateway Charges?

A: When you use electronic medium to transfer funds using Credit Cards, Debits Cards or Net banking etc your Retailer or Seller uses a third party application to securely verify and authorize your payments made to his bank account at a nominal fee per transaction. This fee is the Payment Gateway Charges.

Q: What will be the B2B(AGENT) Refund Policy in case of FAILED BOOKING?

Case1:Wallet Refund= No Charges
Case2:Bank Account Refund: No Charges
Case3: Credit Card Refund: 2% of total Amount

Q:What will be the Charges for MONATOURS.IN Payment Gateway?

A: MONATOURS.IN Payment Gateway Charges = 2%.

What will be the Service Charges against cancellation of air ticket?

A: MONATOURS.IN Service Charges against cancellation of air ticket is Rs 118/-

Q: What is the MONATOURS.IN Cancelation and Refund Policy?

A: If any confirmed ticket cancelled by customer, the amount will be refunded within 0-7 Days. If any booking Not Confirmed due to any valid reasons the amount will be refunded to Customer wallet within 0-48 Hrs.

Q: What will be the Cancelation Charges?

A: Cancelation Charges shall be applied as per below

Amount = Discount - (Normal Cancelation Charges + Service Fee)
Ex:Let if a ticket amount is Rs 5000 and Ticket Discount = Rs 300
Airline Cancelation Charges = Rs 2250
Service Charge = 118
Cancelation Charges= 2250+118 (Rs.2368/-)

Q: What will be the Refund Amount Calculation in Case of Wallet ?

A: Refundable Amount = Ticket Amount - (Cancelation Charges + Discount+ service charge)

Ex: Refundable Amount = Rs 5000 – (2250 + 360 + 118) = Rs 2272/-.

Q: What will be the Refund Amount Calculation in case of Customer Bank Account or Credit Card ?

A: Refundable Amount = Refundable Amount-( Refundable Amount* Payment Gateway Charges).

Ex: Refundable Amount = 2334 -(2334*2%)= 2287/-

Q: What will be the Refund Amount Calculation if Booking has not been made by www.monatours.in?

Case1: In that case Full refund will be credited to www.monatours.in wallet against customer ID. Customer can use wallet amount to book airticket.

Case2: If customer insist his amount refunded in his payment source(ex: credit card, Bank Account etc..) then payment gateway charges applied .

Ex: If Ticket Amount= 5000/- Refundable amount = 5000 -(5000*2%)= 4900/-

Q: What will be the Do's and Don'ts while using www.MONATOURS.IN?

A: Avoid making ticket in simultaneous TAB, will cause unappropriate result. Any discrepancy regarding Ticket Booking please inform us within 6 hrs of Issuance. After that we are not liable for any changes.

RoundTrip Booking :

In case of different airlines, kindly request you to book your roundtrip booking separate.
1. Fare of INBOUND airlines might be increased while booking during OUTBOUND and vice-versa.
2. The amount of booked sector will have to pay by Company/Customer.
3. If you want to cancel your booked sector you'll have to pay cancelation charge.

Q: Cancellation Charge SME fare ?

A:Service charge on SME fare will be Rs 500/- (cancelation, rescheduling)

Q:Cancellation Charge Corporate fare ?

A: Cancelation charge on Corporate fare will be Rs 700/-

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